Meet Felipe Solano, junior BADAS student.

“My favorite class at DW is Creating Mobile Games. Building a video game from the ground up is a surreal experience. There are times where you struggle because something is not working, but you push through it, and seeing the final result is very satisfying.”

“I love the community at Digital Worlds. Meeting people from all over the world who are interested in digital media and being able to learn from them has been a great experience.”

Fun fact: In 2019, I studied abroad in Italy and practiced speaking Italian as the translator for the group.

Meet Caitlin Seney, senior BADAS student.

“My favorite class at DW is Character Animation. As a performer, the reference footage and acting behind a character’s actions has been really fun for me. It goes beyond moving and posing a character into the performance and motivation.”

“I love the ability to learn so many different things through the program. We are exposed to a wide variety of classes, from game design and programming to 2D art and animation.”

Fun fact: I worked as a scare actor for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal!

Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Joseph Addison, junior BADAS student.

“My favorite BADAS class is Blockchain Innovation in DAS. This class taught me the importance of currency democratization. The technological aspects of cryptocurrencies allow for expanded understandings of how we transact.”

“Digital Worlds is an environment where my creativity is pushed to its limits. I have the ability to explore new technological horizons while staying true to my goal of producing digital imagery.”

Fun Fact: I won a trip to Turkey for creating an art piece along the following theme: “Connecting Cultures in the Digital Age: How Does Social Media Change the Future of Our World?”

Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Grace Riley, junior BADAS student.

“Picking my favorite BADAS class is akin to asking a parent which child is their favorite, but after much debate, I must say that my favorite class is Design and Production Studio 1. Until I had taken this class, I never shared…

Kristin Territo, BADAS 2004, is the founder and owner of her own business, KT Design Company (KTDC). The award-winning multimedia digital agency specializes in sports production, digital signage, motion graphics, video production, creative services, and more. Before being a business owner, Kristin gained over 13 years of industry experience as…

Mohan Zalake, MSDAS 2017, is a Ph.D. Student in Human-Centered Computing at the University of Florida. He works in the Virtual Experiences Research Group as an investigator of embodied conversational agents (ECAs), which are digital 3-D characters that converse with humans through natural language-style dialogues. …

Matt Ebling, MADAS 2018, is currently a Video Editor at Grammarly. He is a motion graphic artist with experience in animation and design. Matt has also previously worked as a UI designer, marketing artist, and in freelance digital work.

In what ways did your Digital Arts and Sciences experience prepare…

Collin Holmes, BADAS 2005, is an Associate Creative Director of Entertainment at VaynerMedia with over 14 years of experience in advertising, creative design, and UI design. Previously, he has worked on projects that utilize responsive mobile campaigns, code-based animations, 360 VR immersive video, multi-screen OOH activations, and more.

In what…

Lauren Jarrard, BSDAS 2006, is currently an iOS Manager at Discovery Inc. She has over 14 years of experience in the digital media and mobile application industries, having worked as a software developer and now manager since her graduation from the University of Florida.

In what ways did your Digital…

Alexis McGuffin, BSDAS 2004, is the director of Business Development and a vice president at Suffolk Construction in New York City. Before coming on board with Suffolk this spring, she worked in project management, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC).

In what ways did your Digital…

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